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Our Team

Birgit Vogt-Majarek is founding partner of Schima Mayer Starlinger Attorneys at Law.

Since more than ten years she jointly heads the employment department, which is one of the biggest in Austria, with Georg Schima. She constantly advises and represents domestic and foreign, private as well as public companies in all issues of individual and collective employment law, as well as in corporate law and administrative law. Furthermore she advises executives from the preparation of the contract to its termination. She has a strong expertise amongst others in corporate restructurings, industrial constitution law, cross-border staff assignment, compliance, working time law as well as data protection.

Birgit Vogt-Majarek is board member of Ius laboris, a unique international alliance of specialized employment law firms (www.iuslaboris.com), whose only Austrian member Schima Mayer Starlinger is. Also due to this longstanding partnership Birgit Vogt-Majarek has great expertise in cross border employment law cases and constantly cooperates with international groups of companies or supports them with their market entrance in Austria.

Birgit Vogt-Majarek is a sought-after author and lecturer on various employment law and HR-related topics in scientific magazines as well as in other media, like most recently articles concerning working time law, social media, discrimination or internal investigations.

  • Legal studies at the University Innsbruck
  • Graduated as Master of Law (Mag juris) 1996
  • Clerkship at courts in Vienna and Krems
  • Legal training with two law firms in Vienna
  • Bar exam in Vienna 2002 (with excellent success)
  • Vienna Bar Association
  • EELA (European Employment Lawyers Association)
  • Board member of „Ius laboris
  • Chambers Europe 2023, Austria, Employment - Band 5
  • Who’s Who Legal: Global Leader - Labour & Employment Austria, Edition 2022
  • Winner Lexology Client Choice Awards - Labour & Employment Austria, Edition 2021
  • Who’s Who Legal: Thought Leaders – Labour & Employment Austria, Edition 2021
  • With its three female partners - two thereof have been promoted 2017 - and several other female lawyers and associates the law firm demonstrates that apart from its professional competence it also understands the requirements and challenges of the 21st century. https://promotingthebest.at/
  • Birgit Vogt-Majarek, Who is Who Legal (Labour & Employment) 2015. Birgit Vogt-Majarek is an “esteemed practitioner“ who advises on employment aspects of corporate restructurings, management employment contracts and labour law. Peers “cannot praise her highly enough“ and single her out as “one of the leading figures in the market“.


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 Case summaries

Birgit Vogt-Majarek / Natalie Hahn, Disziplinarordnungen bei Entlassungen: Vetorecht des Betriebsrates? Gründe “iSd AngG” nicht für Arbeiter?, RdW 2016,191

Birgit Vogt-Majarek / Philipp Spring, Das Ende von Safe-Harbor – Erst der Anfang…?, ARD 6473/5/2015


Birgit Vogt-Majarek, Ohne Impfung arbeiten gehen – darf man das noch?, Die Presse 10.02.2022

Birgit Vogt-Majarek, Gilt die Impfpflicht bald auch im Job?, Die Presse 02.12.2021

Birgit Vogt-Majarek, Covid und Urlaub: Was ist erlaubt?, Die Presse 12.06.2021

Birgit Vogt-Majarek, Urlaub am Meer – ganz ohne Reue?, Die Presse 02.07.2020

Birgit Vogt-Majarek, Hohes Risiko bei Auslandsreisen, Die Presse 17.06.2020

Birgit Vogt-Majarek, Wenn zu Hause arbeiten teuer wird, Die Presse 30.04.2020

Birgit Vogt-Majarek, Darf es trotz Krise Ausschüttungen geben?, Die Presse 31.03.2020

Birgit Vogt-Majarek, Müssen Firmen jetzt um Hilfsgelder raufen?, Die Presse 19.03.2020

Birgit Vogt-Majarek, Interview im ORF/Ö1 betreffend die Entscheidung des Generalanwalts des EuGH iS Karfreitag am 26.7.2018 / Verbal interview on the decision of the Attorney General of the European Court of Justice concerning Good Friday on ORF/ Ö1 on 26/07/2018

Birgit Vogt-Majarek, Interview zu aktuellen Fragen iS Arbeitszeitrecht/ 12-Stunden-Tag in ATV aktuell am 26.4.2018 / Verbal interview on current working time regulations /12-hours day on ATV Aktuell on 26/04/2018

Birgit Vogt-Majarek, „Wo endet die Freiwilligkeit? – Interview zu aktuellen Fragen iS Arbeitszeitrecht/ Überstundenarbeit in Wiener Zeitung am 15.6.2018 / Interview on current working time regulations/ overtime work in Wiener Zeitung on 15/06/2018

Birgit Vogt-Majarek, Ein unbedachter Tweet kann den Job kosten” in der “Die Presse” am 14.12.2017 / Article in the “Die Presse” on use of social media and the legal consequences of tweets on 14/12/2017 

Birgit Vogt-Majarek, Sexuelle Belästigung: Was der Arbeitgeber tun muss” im TREND/Dezember 2017/ Article in “Trend” December 2017 on sexual harassment and the employer’s obligations Download PDF: “Sexuelle Belästigung: Was der Arbeitgeber tun muss”

Birgit Vogt-Majarek / Katharina Körber-Risak, Frauen bremsen sich auch selbst aus, Die Presse 14.04.2016


Aktuelle Vorträge/ most recent lectures:

Birgit Vogt-Majarek / Andreas Kezer, „Arbeitnehmer-Mitbestimmung im Aufsichtsrat; Vorstandsverträge“, Vortrag beim Certified Programm der Donau-Universität Krems am 16.12.2023 

Birgit Vogt-Majarek, “Beenden von Arbeitsverhältnissen”, ARS-Tagung am 02.06.2022

Birgit Vogt-Majarek, “Rechtssichere Beendigung von Dienstverhältnissen”, ABW Academy am 31.05.2022

Birgit Vogt-Majarek, “Neuerungen im Arbeitsrecht 2022” Teil 1, Akademie für Bildung und Wissenschaft am 26.01.2022

Birgit Vogt-Majarek / Andreas Kezer, “Evaluierung des Aufsichtsrats“, Vortrag beim Certified Programm der Donau-Universität Krems am 15.01.2022

Birgit Vogt-Majarek, „Abgrenzungsfragen AÜ – Eckpunkte des LSD-BG betr. AKÜ“, Jahrestagung Arbeitsrecht des ARS, 10.11.2021

Birgit Vogt-Majarek, “Massnahmen bei Mitarbeiter-Fehlverhalten”, Forum Verlag / Die Weiterbilder, 25.4.2019

Birgit Vogt-Majarek, “Data Protection and what to look out for”, International Organisation in Austria, 24.4.2019

Birgit Vogt-Majarek, ARS-Jahrestagung Datenschutz 3.-4.4.2019

Birgit Vogt-Majarek,  Seminar “Vorgehen bei Mitarbeiter-Fehlverhalten“ in Wien am 24.10.2018 (9-17 Uhr) / FVH FORUM VERLAG HERKERT GMBH

Birgit Vogt-Majarek, Panelist beim DXC 360° Event betreffend Blockchain technology am 17.1.2018

Birgit Vogt-Majarek,  ARS-Jahrestagung Arbeitsrecht, Restrukturierungen aus Sicht der arbeitsrechtlichen Praxis am 6.12.2017 (Wien) sowie 29.11.2017 (Linz)

Birgit Vogt-Majarek, Wissenswertes zu Krankenstand, Urlaub  und sonstigen Dienstverhinderungen/ WIFI (jährlich März)


Works in foreign language

Birgit Vogt-Majarek, AUSTRIA: An Introduction to Employment, Chambers and Partners, 2023

Birgit Vogt-Majarek, ‘Future collective agreements’ and restructuring: a view from Germany and beyond

Birgit Vogt-Majarek, Highly-interesting recent analysis on “Monitoring in the workplace” of 41 Ius laboris firms – including Austria (www.sms.law – Birgit Vogt-Majarek) – explaining the rules on monitoring in the different countries and examining how the law is coping with the growing tensions between new technologies and the strengthening of privacy rights.

Birgit Vogt-Majarek / Sarah Lurf, Ius Laboris Whats new in employment law Austria 2019

Georg Schima/ Birgit Vogt-Majarek, Doing Business 2018 – Reforming to creat jobs

Natalie Hahn / Birgit Vogt-Majarek / Jakob Arffmann, Austria can learn from Denmark, IPE Investment & Pensions Europe 03.01.2012

Georg Schima / Birgit Vogt-Majarek, Employment and Employee Benefits – Austria Chapter, Practical Law Multi-Jurisdictional Guide 2011/12

Birgit Vogt-Majarek / Georg Schima, Austria Chapter, Practical Law, Employee Share Plans Handbook 2010/11