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Legal Services

Energy Law

The energy sector is highly regulated and at the same time characterized by rapid developments and changes in the technical, economic and legal framework. The number of energy law disputes is increasing. The desire for low energy prices and short commitment periods is conflichting with the need for security of supply. Long-term contracts are under scrutiny. Energy efficiency is aimed at achieving climate protection goals; It is unclear who ultimately has to bear the costs.

In addition to sound civil, corporate and public law knowledge, energy law advice requires above all technical understanding and experience. Our team, especially Thomas Starlinger, has many years of relevant industry experience, both from an industrial and consultant perspective. Our strength is advice regarding energy law in combination with our competition and European law expertise.


  • Advice on compliance with all legal and regulatory requirements in both electricity and gas law
  • Audit and design of energy supply, trading, grid access and natural gas storage contracts
  • Conception and design of new contract models for the implementation of projects in the field of renewable energies as well as decentralized energy production and storage
  • Representation at regulatory authorities
  • Judicial and arbitration proceedings in connection with energy supply, trading, grid access and natural gas storage contracts, including price revisions
  • Transactions in the energy sector
  • Planning and design as well as ensuring the accountability of energy efficiency measures
  • Examination of draft legislation at national and European level
  • Arbitration with connection to energy law

Contact: Thomas Starlinger, Christian Mayer, Moritz Am Ende