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Legal Services

IP/IT, Media and Data Protection Law

The value of a company is based to a significant extent on its ideas and the brand of the company which not only serves as a corporate identifier but also allows the distinction of their own products from those of competitors. By acquiring various intellectual property rights and the right marketing, financially measurable corporate value is generated. We assist our clients in acquiring, securing and enforcing their rights and in designing strategies to maximize their value. We also provide advice on the design of legitimate marketing concepts and advertising campaigns to avoid costly consequences in advance. We represent in the extra-judicial and judicial defense and enforcement of claims from unfair competition.

Through our close collaboration with innovative companies, especially in the areas of media, technology, pharmaceuticals and dental, we know the importance of properly designed contracts in research and development, clinical trials, production, distribution, cooperation and, above all, the protection of in-house know-how but also to protect against inadmissible publications of research results that could prevent a subsequent patent application, as well as the lawful acquisition of inventions by the employer (in the case of employee inventions). In medical, pharmaceutical and biotechnology law and in particular in the interface to employment law we possess many years of professional expertise.

Due to rapid technological developments a business day without data application is unthinkable today. At the same time companies increasingly are using more complex technologies, accessing personal and private areas of protected persons and therefore also sensitive data. Technical developments are forcing companies to make ongoing legal adjustments, in particular to new data protection regulations that threaten punishments with high penalties. We advise our clients on all data protection issues and provide for optimized compliance. We assist regarding design and creation of internal policies, privacy statements and other data protection agreements.


  • Protection of intellectual property: representation and advice in trademarks and copyright; Sale and acquisition of trademarks and copyrights; Defense against inadmissible interventions in trademarks or copyrights; (extra-) judicial assertion of claims arising from trademarks or copyright infringement (for example, omission, damages, reasonable compensation, etc.)
  • Registration and management of trademarks (national, EU-wide, international)
  • Privacy and information requirements
  • Media and e-commerce (incl. Liability of internet service providers)
  • Film, production and publishing contracts
  • Sales and commercial representative law (including sales, application and product labeling of pharmaceutical and medical products)
  • Joint venture agreements
  • Creation and verification of license agreements (software, trademarks, copyrights, etc.)
  • Protection of the company’s know-how (NDA, employment protection)
  • Cooperation and demarcation agreements
  • Research and development agreements
  • Contracts for clinical and non-clinical studies
  • Advice in matters of pharmaceutical and medical device law as well as advertising and sales restrictions including parallel imports
  • Advice on regulatory issues in pharmaceutical and medical device law
  • Judicial and extrajudicial enforcement
  • Assertion and defense against claims arising from unfair competition

Contact: Birgit Vogt-Majarek