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Ius Laboris

Ius Laboris

Georg Schima and his employment law team are the only exclusive Austrian partners of Ius Laboris, a global alliance of leading law firms specialising in employment law. Ius Laboris has over 2,500 attorneys in 44 member law firms and approximately 60 associated law firms, enabling it to offer global employment-law and labour-law services in almost 100 countries. The Ius Laboris member law firms offer specialised legal advice and litigation assistance worldwide in all field relevant to HR: employment law, labour law, pensions, international assignment (immigration law), rights of residence, law relating to foreign nationals, employee benefits, professional ethics guidelines and social security law.  All Ius Laboris member firms have excellent reputations in their own countries. They are ranked among the best employment law firms in their countries in the standard international legal reference works and law firm directories (e.g. Legal 500, Chambers, Practical Law). They are rooted in their local markets and therefore have a thorough knowledge of the local legal culture, while at the same time thinking in international terms.

All Ius Laboris law firms are experienced in the management of international projects and cross-border fact situations. They offer an integrated cross-border service on the highest level. The attorneys in the Ius Laboris law firms act together to provide ongoing legal advice for a large number of multinational clients. Ius laboris combines the advantages of a high degree of specialisation in employment law, pensions and employee benefits with the international experience of its member firms and offers international service at competitive prices, geared to the regional market.

Ius laboris guarantees a consistent standard of quality worldwide. The Ius Laboris quality management includes a rigorous process of selection and ongoing quality control of the member law firms, and also an annual evaluation (including client feedback), and an ongoing optimisation process based on targeted training and further vocational training, language courses and secondment.

The knowledge and skills of the Ius Laboris attorneys are constantly updated and perfected through regular further vocational training in international practice groups, coordinated knowledge management with shared databases, specialist conferences and coordinated international training of project managers. In this way, the Ius Laboris law firms satisfy the highest international standards. The clients of the Ius Laboris member law firms also profit from international publications, newsletters, seminars and in-house training sessions.

Visit the website for more information. www.iuslaboris.com