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Legal Services

European and State Aid Law

European law is an integral part of today’s commercial law. Even it has only effects in the background – European law is everywhere: from competition law or free movement to market regulation up to areas such as employment law and consumer protection. Unfortunately, European rules are often interpreted from the perspective of national law. As a result a restrictive status quo is often accepted without ado.

In our law firm, European legal issues are analyzed from a genuinely European perspective. Therefore, we are able to utilize the promise of a united Europe for our clients: a common European market in which their entrepreneurial freedom does not stop at the next barrier. In addition, contracts with public companies often bear risks due to the European ban on illegal State aid. We minimize risks through advice in advance and optimized design. In case of  breaches of state aid rules we enforce fair market conditions.


  • Analysis of national law for compatibility with European law
  • Defend the entrepreneurial freedom of our clients against unlawful restrictions
  • Examination of state measures for breach of the European ban on state aid; Assistance in completing public procurement in compliance with State aid law
  • Complaints to the European Commission and the EFTA Surveillance Authority (ESA)
  • Litigation in direct actions and preliminary rulings in Luxembourg

Contact: Moritz Am Ende