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10. August 2022

Published soon: The “Social Media Law” Manual

Social media has become an integral part of both our professional and private lives – posts, shares, comments, and likes,…but social media is not a legal vacuum. There are rules, dos and don’ts that users (starting with companies, marketing agencies, and influencers) should follow in order to avoid any potential problems. Our sms.law team – social media law expert Andreas Kezer, attorney Sarah Lurf, and partner Philipp Gamauf, in collaboration with fwp colleague and partner Stefan Adametz and in cooperation with MANZ Publishing, have compiled a social media law manual and answered the most burning questions in connection with the legally correct and safe use of social media.

In addition, you will find practical tips, checklists, examples, and a comprehensive glossary with the most important terms from the field of social media. The manual is meant to be a valuable companion to navigate the digital world and is useful for lawyers and non-lawyers alike.

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